Source code for validators.iban

import re

from .utils import validator

regex = (
pattern = re.compile(regex)

def char_value(char):
    """A=10, B=11, ..., Z=35
    if char.isdigit():
        return int(char)
        return 10 + ord(char) - ord('A')

def modcheck(value):
    """Check if the value string passes the mod97-test.
    # move country code and check numbers to end
    rearranged = value[4:] + value[:4]
    # convert letters to numbers
    converted = [char_value(char) for char in rearranged]
    # interpret as integer
    integerized = int(''.join([str(i) for i in converted]))
    return (integerized % 97 == 1)

[docs]def iban(value): """ Return whether or not given value is a valid IBAN code. If the value is a valid IBAN this function returns ``True``, otherwise :class:`~validators.utils.ValidationFailure`. Examples:: >>> iban('DE29100500001061045672') True >>> iban('123456') ValidationFailure(func=iban, ...) .. versionadded:: 0.8 :param value: IBAN string to validate """ return pattern.match(value) and modcheck(value)