Source code for validators.between

from .extremes import Max, Min
from .utils import validator

[docs]def between(value, min=None, max=None): """ Validate that a number is between minimum and/or maximum value. This will work with any comparable type, such as floats, decimals and dates not just integers. This validator is originally based on `WTForms NumberRange validator`_. .. _WTForms NumberRange validator: Examples:: >>> from datetime import datetime >>> between(5, min=2) True >>> between(13.2, min=13, max=14) True >>> between(500, max=400) ValidationFailure(func=between, args=...) >>> between( ... datetime(2000, 11, 11), ... min=datetime(1999, 11, 11) ... ) True :param min: The minimum required value of the number. If not provided, minimum value will not be checked. :param max: The maximum value of the number. If not provided, maximum value will not be checked. .. versionadded:: 0.2 """ if min is None and max is None: raise AssertionError( 'At least one of `min` or `max` must be specified.' ) if min is None: min = Min if max is None: max = Max try: min_gt_max = min > max except TypeError: min_gt_max = max < min if min_gt_max: raise AssertionError('`min` cannot be more than `max`.') return min <= value and max >= value